Voice Of Chennai 2024

The illustrious "Voice of Chennai 2024," orchestrated by the maestros at BTS Events in collaboration with the esteemed Brain Touch Group, will light up the stage.
The paramount objective of the Voice of Chennai 2024 lies in offering an unparalleled platform to aspiring vocalists aiming a path into the realms of musical eminence. This distinguished stage serves as a gateway to the vast expanse of the Cinema Industry.
The competition stands apart with the categorization into three distinct age brackets: "13 and above," "18 and above," and an all-encompassing "Open for All" category. Within the 13-18 age categories, participants find themselves grouped under the mass of their schools and colleges. Institutions boasting the highest number of participants reserve the "Overall Shield", to elevate the spirits among educational institutions.

The stage welcomes a grand total of 1500 participants to grace the preliminary auditions, conducted in from 25th Jan 2024. Following this, a panel of judges will pick the top 30 performers for the final showdown on the Grand Event Day, and our Musical Maestros will be unveiling the Winners, on the spot!
It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we extend our cordial invitation to one and all. Join us at the Grand Vocal Competition. Your presence will undoubtedly amplify the resonance of this musical evening.

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