We BTS Family

We are a collective of passionate singers who found each other through the dynamic realm of Online Singing Platforms right here in Chennai. The expansive world of Online Karaoke-Singing platforms not only granted us the space to channel our love for singing but also became the platform through which we forged connections.
Our shared love for music prompted us to assemble regularly, leading us to invest collectively in organizing our own Open-Mic programs in collaboration with recording studios, turning every Sunday into a melodic celebration.
Initially starting as a modest group of 5, organically expanded to a robust team, comprising of more than 30 enthusiasts, through the consistent orchestration of Open-Mic events. Recognizing the latent passion of undiscovered talents, we, as the "BTS MUSICAL FAMILY," united forces and began showcasing our musical endeavors on Social Media. Our journey unfolded on social media platforms where we shared our musical creations and curated special programs to fuel our motivation and that of aspiring singers, propelling us collectively to greater heights.
Our journey took a cinematic turn as we engaged in Live recording sessions, presenting our covers in the esteemed "Tone Preview Theatre" of AVM Studios. This platform allowed us to share our musical prowess with key figures in the Tamil Cinema Industry.
Beyond our musical pursuits, we have taken on a social responsibility, conducting Open-Mic programs for Crowd Funding and Donations, supporting various social causes.
Presently, we are thrilled to announce the launch of "Voice of Chennai 2024," a singing competition designed to be a stepping stone for those with a passion for singing, providing them with a stage to showcase their talents.